hey vass I finally tried gris clair! something about the accord existing apart from the lavender - the tonka, or maybe the amber plus incense - drops it into meat, with the lavender perched on top blending oddly with the slice of loin. as such I can’t connect it to Gregor, not unless he’s been pulled to a cookout in Ezar’s gardens right from his morning shave. (it’s obviously Miles and Ivan’s faults! and it’s happening in the morning because one of them had a shred of rational thought, which claimed that setting fires in the Gardens at 4am was likely to result in a security shutdown rather than delicious burgers.)
this is part of a ten sample pack and I’m near resigned to not loving serge lutens. Vetiver Oriental I’m counting on you.
Something I did with the cut worked until I tried to make edits, at which point it sprang out of control like Feanor leaping into a Finwion argument. 
Violets, Pinrose, Hermes, Prada Infusions, L'Artisan, Miscellany including Bandit: )
tumblr is disintegrating pixel by pixel and it seems prudent to relocate, so while I can't drag twenty million pictures of vase/demon lords over here, I can put content into categories on my own blog, TWITTER. My account there is collapsing under an onslaught of MXTX fanart that I have to laboriously open from discord, and we hates it (tumblr the company), precious. 
  • twitter: PROS has likes, reblogs, text conversations, low posting activation energy. CONS no tags, hideously public, I hate ads!!!, apparently you aren't supposed to comment on art while retweeting it? but I want to express my emotions QAQ
  • discord: PROS easy to lurk and post on, CONS One Fear (social anxiety), disjointed interests which means that notifications are useless, stepping into conversations is a cirque du soleil routine over gnashing gears
  • Dreamwidth: PROS tags, long text blocks, appears shelf stable, comment chains with icon switching CONS kinda clunky (?), not much of a commonplace book -- actually it's exactly that and wow is it a slight inconvenience. Energy for posting takes at least a month to accrue - I've had this page open for a whole week QAQ also this was supposed to be about perfume QAQ
  • instagram: I haven't figured out posting and being on there caused my enamel pin collection to bloat, I loathe the square format and the video updates, 
  • tumblr: PROS everyone was there QAQ I liked curling up in my collection of cities and treasures QAQ pictures could be opened and saved without being crushed, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, how do I download my 150k likes QAQ. CONS free pvp zones \o\ everything else /o/
  • Tarot Nova (tiny!)
  • Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Homestuck Tarot
  • Morgan-Greer Tarot
  • Student Tarot
  • Prisma Visions Tarot
  • Ostara Tarot 
  • Byzantine Tarot
  • Rider-Waite-Smith (probably a prop but hey it was literally $4 at halloween spirit)
  • Hobbit Tarot
  • Illuminated Tarot
  • Marigold Tarot 
  • Tarot of the thousand and one nights
  • Cosmos Tarot
  • Bharata Tarot (majors)
  • Alexander Daniloff Tarot 2012
  • Born in the USSR (majors)
  • Jonasa Jaus Tarot
  • Night Vale Tarot
  • Neon Moon Tarot
  • Tarot Nova fullsized (still palm-sized though)
  • Zerner Farber Tarot 
  • Tyldwick Tarot
  • Fantod Pack
  • Dixit Revelations
  • Dragon Age Inquisition poker decks
  • Floret Oracle
  • Silson Lenormand
  • Chelsea Blue/Red versions:
  • Mystical Lenormand
  • Tessarae Charms
  • Clow Cards (probably knockoff lbr)
  • Malpertuis Lenormand
  • Fatima Oracle
  • Russian Fairy Oracle
Playing cards:
  • Tang Poetry/Song Verses/Filial Scenes/Fuchun Mountain paintings/Dream of the Red Chamber/Journey to the West/those plastic ones
  • Dedalo Omega
  • Lunatica
  • Russian Folk Art / Russian Folk Art limited edition
  • Little Atlantis Night
  • Art Nouveau deck Bijoux
  • Art Nouveau deck Perle
  • Bijoux Nouveau Gemmes
Tarot Apps:
  • Golden Thread Tarot
  • Tarot Mucha
  • Liber T Tarot
  • Ostara Tarot
  • Luminous Spirit
  • Mystic Monday
  • Tarot Sampler
  • Seventh Sphere
  • Scrying Ink
  • Deviant Moon
  • Epic Tarot
  • Paulina Tarot
  • Byzantine Tarot
  • Mystical Tarot
Decks I'm waiting on from KS:
  • Dreamer’s Arcana 
  • Blood Moon Tarot 
  • Visconti Modrone Tarot 
  • Open Portals playing cards
  • Olde Fae Card Game
Decks I'm contemplating
  • Joe Sparrow Tarot (nice chariot/hermit/
  • Ladystuck Tarot (I went through the Act 6/7 tarot and while they finally had the right Fool (the character who STARTED this million word epic as a blank slate, associated with clowns and freedom rather than, you know, death, resurrection and dubiously useful self-sacrifice!!) I still prefer the ladystuck version)
  • Everyday Tarot
  • Urban Tarot (?)
Decks yet to be finished:
  • Fairy Tale Tarot, Yoshi Yoshitani
  • Lubanko Tarot
  • fyodorpavlov's Tarot
  • Botanica Tarot (when will he bring back the pins)
  • MASA September's newer works
Decks impossible to obtain:
  • Vertigo Tarot. Maybe in another few decades they'll rerelease the thing, in more durable cardstock?
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 when will the generation ship lenormand deck I want spring into existence fully formed
(when you have 6 cards out of 36 about communication, a bunch of plants, and a ship - what else could it be)
On Monday the Conklin Crescent arrived! - at which point I dove for the deceitful book of nothing-but-bird-flourishes.* I can't do anything credible along those lines yet, but it doesn't matter because this pen makes all of my handwriting lovely. 
The nib can be used unflexed, and is probably the finest I have outside of dip nibs.  In cursive, which is what it was designed for, the line variation is distinctly visible. I wanted to try a vintage flex pen to see if it could be used for everyday practice, and this is it! Good for willow leaves and all sorts of swishes. If it wasn't that I feared for the nib I'd have continued with the bastard hand I favor, but there were also constant hard starts and some railroading (on Rhodia paper), which could also be due to the ink or the way I tried to use it, with letters that aren't connected. Paper with some tooth seems to allow for better flow – plain printer paper did fine.
Smaller than I expected, but a comfortable length when posted. I may leave it uncapped anyway because a) tiny pens!! and b) light is better for practice. Thicker barrels/sections might be good for immortals who need to shelter from heavenly lightning strikes, but it does hurt my hand after a while. The filling mechanism was indeed self-explanatory. There's something like breather holes (?) and engraved initials on the cap. (The letters are much prettier than my own engraver's script ;__;)
All in all, a very pleasing object to hold and admire -- I want to bring it everywhere (but would never, except in the nifty case it was sent in, cushioned with tissue). It's such a good size! (TINY.) Once I wondered at the sense in pen cases, but that was when all my fountain pens were ~$2.50 and made of metal. This pen will be cosseted. I will scribble a little with it every day. Maybe sing 'In My Life' at it, and forbid it from crying for hours while some great blue-footed seabird stands with his head against a tree**. 
* It claimed 150 examples of ribbons, birds, deer, rabbits, etc. I found....ONE (1) rabbit. For variety, there was a section with something other than birds!***
** still haven't read les mis 
*** feathers.

Your name is MIKODEZ, a cadet of the SHUOS. You are on a RATHER HERETICAL Nirai station in the year 361, as part of an EVEN MORE HERETICAL team of extractors, who are part of a REBELLION against the Hexarchate. What will you do?

  • Persuasive: okay
  • Shadowy: ish
  • Dangerous: eehhhh
  • Watchful: fucking crowns. dial this down?

  • Ascendancy: Public Welfare is Unchanged
  • Ascendancy: Calendrical Stability is Unchanged, tending to Unorthodox
  • Ascendancy: the Shuos is A Mystery
  • Ascendancy: Rebellion is Alarming


  • ‘Cousin’ Imsayed and the inexplicable glitches
  • Defection of Nirai Remi: locate, assess
  • Alaric as foreign scout/presence on Station Moongray
  • Alternate timeline visitor records
  • Rift Research
  • Increase Trust of Wasp Crew
  • ??


  • 4 x Pieces of Bugged Tape
  • 3 x Incendiary Devices
  • 2 x Eyes, your own
  • 1 x Plate of Handmade Candy
  • 1 x Matter Printer
  • 1 x Program for Matter-printed Weaponry
  • 1 x Set of Convertible Felting Needles

In Rebellion:

Crow: Kel

On Wasp: 2 rahal, 2 kel, 2 quasi-nirai, 1 open andan, no vidona obviously, one suspicious fetch. Yehan secretly Andan? her hair is nice. plus there’s Iawa. asymmetry???)

  • Trust: Alaric is -2 (foreigner, sense of humor, nirai-esque)
  • Trusted: Alaric is 0
  • Trust: Ankat is 2 (Kel, outprocessed, best dog)
  • Trusted: Ankat is 1 (didn’t point gun at own face during training)
  • Personal quest: ? (don’t steal dog?)

  • Trust: Ashari is -2 (Andan. not biggest threat??)
  • Trusted: Ashari is 1 (hasn’t been stabbed when approaching art piece, good enough)
  • Personal quest: Art Exhibit => ?

  • Trust: Iawa is -2 (are they being /specifically/ highlighted as heretical, or is it all part of station moongray& year 361 flavor/where’re they going with the splutter)
  • Trusted: Iawa is 1 (candied fidget spinners, no side effects from granola tracker :?)
  • Trust: Imsayed is -9 (being briefly crowned with eyes apparently lands one in probational category of future traitors, which, ugh, but where is this going -- guardianship?)
  • Trusted: Imsayed is He Keeps Vanishing Like A Glitch, did someone hack the scenario
  • Personal quest: Avoid having identity stolen/face being gnawed. Determine biological relatedness
  • Trust: Kaliyan is 2
  • Trusted: Kaliyan is 0 (looks to Ashari)

  • Trust: Sasha is -6 (@^@)
  • Trusted: Sasha is -6 (>.<)
  • Personal quest: Find gifts suitable for Nirai. (Option to hack)

  • Trust: Sulen is -4
  • Trusted: Sulen is -3 (a Rahal. what can they do, cough sternly)
  • Trust: Virmad is 1 (Rahal)
  • Trusted: Virmad is 0

  • Trust: Yehan is 2 (language material seems reliable and consistent with station usage)
  • Trusted: Yehan is 1

On Station:

  • Nirai Pavn: On station contact for Bumblebee
  • Andan Bokali - in-game avatar for Instructor Zehun
  • Magistrate Rahal Gerae - target for restablishment of calendrical norms
  • Nirai Remi - extraction target

Opponent: unknown.

Belief in Rebellion is nah

Belief in Hexarchate is compromised

Objective: Is this the real life is this just fantasy
lbr it's got to be the crowned with eyes thing -- another chance to prove more smiling than ocularly separated

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

[wait this is Mikodez]
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D:D:D



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